A long time ago, Amos and Dan made beats. Benny entered the scene with his excellent songs and all were happy, but in their youth, they knew they would have to find their own paths.

Meanwhile, Chris Coon was learning how to grow his hair out very long and fusing fingers into piano key harmonies. Chris and Amos met in a cement block, for a jam session that would change their lives forever.

Danny studied percussion with the Oddfather, and Benny tried his luck in China, which turned out to be quite good. He returned, but still the four were not united.

One day, they suddenly had to go on tour! "Walri" was the call; a little bit odd, a bit playful, and slightly clever. Their music satisfies, yet dangles in front of the listener, like a carrot hung in front of a hungry horse...and the horse gets to slowly eat the carrot.

Amos - Guitar, Vocals

In 1984, right outside New York City, in the twilight hours before dawn, Amos Rose came into the world singing. Beatles at birth; piano lessons at age 5; Amos finally found his home on the guitar at 12 years old. In school he did well and produced many interesting doodles, but was restless and easily distracted. Dissatisfied with the shallow friendships and romances of middle and high school, he began writing songs at age 15. This is about the age where he began exploring the many ways to express himself and make noise in general, and in fact he began learning how to make the noise sound as good as he could.

Soon after, Amos found himself staring wide-eyed into the abyssimal sea of possibilities held by his deepening musical interests: psychedalia, bossa nova, tropicalia, jazz, indie rock, folk, old time music, and gypsy swing. Out of that sea came The Manta Rays, a proto-love-rock group which involved Walri keyboard player Chris Coon. This soon evolved into Walri. which has been Amos' main project for the last several years. Amos also enjoys origami, knitting scarves, cooking in numerous ethnic styles, moving people, playing with words, imaginary numbers, digital art, analog art, and feeling like it's the first time.

Musically, Amos is heavily influenced by The Beatles, Donovan, Harry Nilsson, Joao Gilberto, The Cardigans, David Bowie, Weezer, Of Montreal, Claude Debussy, The Shins, Beck, The Band, Django Reinhardt, Billy Preston, Margo Guryan, The Flaming Lips, Pavement, Beethoven, alien music he hears in his dreams, The Talking Heads, Grizzly Bear, The Dirty Projectors, and Dr. Dog.

Benny - Bass, Vocals

Benny was a baby of the Bronx until the 'rents had the bright idea to shack up with his very Long-Islandy matrilineal grandparents in a bright-bland-bubbly-suburb just a cat scratch across the Queens border. What followed was a long unfolding of questions about cultural identity and otherness that would find a stage in Benny's music; needless to say, he loves digging his fingernails into the flesh of this elusive and frustratingly metamorphic beast of a process.

Benny fell in love with musical theater as a child, perhaps retaining only the theatrics and less of the more stigmatizing aspects of the art as an early adult. On top of that, and more importantly, he grew up with the sounds of 50's doo-wop from the mouth of an authentic progenitor, his father having learned how to sing on street corners as a youth back when Morning Side Heights could still be considered Harlem. Benny's mother offered him the sounds of the 60's, or at least exhibited a deep refinement by leaving an Abbey Road CD lying around the house for him to stumble upon one fine crystal day. Benny likes to think that his unique mixture of cultural, socio-economic, and thoroughly coastal backgrounds are a huge factor in how confused and impulsive he has become, as well as the development of a deeply nostalgic fixation with wooden boats.

Benny absolutely loves Chico Buarque, The Beatles, Django Reinhardt, Simon and Garfunkel, Joe Pass, cooking with fresh produce, studying political philosophy, playing Capoeira whenever and wherever he can, playing Xiang Qi, and making beautiful women laugh. He's gotten pretty good at speaking Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, and is starting to learn Portuguese. Onward everyone, he suggests emphatically!

Danny - Drums

Danny Rose up from the fertile soils of Great Neck, New York on a seemingly still spring morning. Unlike most roses, however, Danny's growth as a musician is rooted in rock. The Beatles and Grateful Dead provided a sturdy foundation of some TLC and opened his eyes to a whole world of music that he could soak up and learn from. By age 3, Danny grew arms and legs and was lifted from the ground and set on his feet.

Since then, Danny has had the privilege of studying with Frank Marino, pioneer of odd-time signatures, and Harold Akyeampong, president of the Percussive Arts Society, Ghana. Danny's music interests are almost limitless and he tries to incorporate all types of sounds and textures into his music.

Danny has been in many different types of bands throughout his musical career. Most notably, Shapes, a glam-punk band in New York City. Recently, he has found a niche in the Walri community simply because he just wants to love-rock. As the drummer of Walri, Danny hopes to provide a solid and sweet foundation for the wide array of ear candy that will reach all of its listeners.

Chris - Keys, Vocals

One of Chris's earliest memories is listening to a French classical mix tape under the covers of his bed. Encouraged by musical parents, the damage became happily permanent and before long, Chris was singing in choirs, learning classical piano, playing jazz saxophone, and creating discordant noise a la computer for his and his brother's amusement. Unable to discern a fundamental separation between the sublime and the technical, he earned a physics degree at the University of Rochester while playing both saxophone and keyboard in on-campus music groups. One of these groups grew up to become Walri, which he digs.

Chris's taste is all over the map, but he especially resonates with the piano music of Brahms and Debussy, jazz giants like Cannonball Adderly and Miles Davis, and the unbounded creativity of The Beatles, David Bowie, and Radiohead. Dubbed by a friend "the hardest working man in show business," Chris now performs in and around Rochester with Walri, while working on his engineering start-up company, writing electro-dance tunes, and MC'ing with his comedy rap group.